Why P2 Automation?

We provide turn-key business productivity solutions using software solutions you may already own, like Microsoft Office, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft CRM Online.

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About Us

P2 Automation is owned by Steve Pestillo; custom programmer, software engineer, and database guru. Steve has a track record for developing real-world solutions that simplify complex situations, resulting in usable data that increases productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.

Steve understands technology – and, most importantly – he understands business. He knows how information, systems and processes can work more effectively in a business environment, and how to utilize technology to make that happen.

Steve began his career in 1993 by providing end-user training in Microsoft Office and QuickBooks. Soon thereafter, Steve began developing business solutions in Microsoft Access. Major projects included custom software solutions for precast concrete production plants throughout the east coast to increase the efficiency of their estimating/engineering/production systems, a customized invoice entry system for a major women’s health management company, custom insurance solutions for a reinsurance company in Hartford and Chicago, and various solutions for legal, food service, and non-profit organizations.

Steve is a Microsoft Certified Professional and is developing custom software solutions with his team in Microsoft Access, Office, Microsoft CRM, SharePoint, and Visual Studio .NET/SQL Server.

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