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Client: Large Coffee & Donut Shop Franchisee (Managed 50 Franchise Units in Two States)
Challenge: Food Waste Analysis & Management. The company utilizes four distinct data silos for keeping track of product orders, bakery production, electronic cash register receipts, and inventory. They needed to get a handle on food loss (both in terms of “spillage” as well as theft), yet none of the data systems were connected. In addition, many of the food items are bought as bulk “ingredients” (i.e. bags of coffee beans, sugar, and half-gallons of cream) and sold as a product (i.e. a cup of coffee), making analysis even more challenging.
Solution: P2 Automation built an integrated data management system using Microsoft Access/SQL Server, consisting of three key components: (1) A Data Import module for each of the four data silos; (2) a custom “recipe builder” for aligning purchased ingredients with their corresponding end products; and (3) a reporting module which “flattens” the data into a simple report that upper-management can use to pinpoint the food loss and improve inventory control. The information can be further analyzed by the end-user with a Microsoft Excel Pivot Table.
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