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Data Grid Control by AbleBridge

AbleBridge Data Grid Control is a flexible Microsoft Dynamics CRM enhancement that delivers a richer user experience by representing information more efficiently on Microsoft Dynamics CRM forms. Data Grid Control supports bound and unbound data display so you can turn any Microsoft Dynamics CRM form into information rich dashboards. Data Grid Control supports in-line grid edits, flexible layout options, in-line controls, Microsoft Excel export, section grouping, sorting, totals and much more.

Data Grid Control gives you the flexibility and control to build extraordinary Microsoft Dynamics CRM forms and increase productivity by putting information front and center and at your fingertips.

  • In-line editing allows faster access to related records (instead of opening up additional forms/windows). Supports editing lookups, picklist, dates, owner fields and memo fields among others.
  • Extends the “out of the box” functionality available in Microsoft Dynamics CRM allowing one-to-many relationships to be represented in a single form view
  • Supports totals, sub-totals, collapsible groups
  • Allows for additional customization through JavaScript events and custom toolbar actions
  • Supports calculated fields and complex relationship fields
  • Ad-hoc filtering
  • Excel and Advanced Find export options
  • Data Grid Controls can be added to any Microsoft Dynamics CRM form
  • Ability to query any record, even it is not related to the current record
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