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Client: Energy Service and Technology Company that provides its customers with lower-cost alternatives to their lighting and electrical needs.
Challenge: Company required a cost effective method of managing data and compiling results from energy audits, with ability to function in both an online and offline environment. Energy audit specialists conduct on-site visits to inventory all lighting and major electrical components of commercial properties. The goal is to present a comprehensive report detailing recommended alternatives for energy savings. Their system consisted of paper forms combined with several Excel spreadsheets, which was both laborious and prone to error, as the majority of the information was entered multiple times.

P2 Automation developed an Energy Audit Solution built on Microsoft Access, Excel, CRM Online and SQL Azure. Thisproject informationoriginates in Microsoft CRM 2011 Online, which is used by the Sales Team. The data is automatically transferred from CRM to SQL Azure and dropped into a local Access database that resides on each laptop / tablet used by the Auditors. Information is now entered only once.

All subsequent spreadsheets, order requests, and utility documentation are produced with the click of a button. Jobs that previously took two weeks to complete are turned around in less than two days. The solution we developed not only saves time and money, but the faster turnaround time has resulted in a higher win/loss ratio for the company overall.
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