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Our Process

Your company is unique, and while similarities exist between businesses in a given industry, no two companies operate in the exact same manner. In order to develop effective software solutions to meet your individual needs, we’ve developed a simple, five-stage process:


The first step in every project involves an in-depth analysis and understanding of your business. Our goal is to learn how your company operates today, and how you want it running 5 to 10 years from now. The end result is a high-level plan that includes the recommended technology for moving forward.


The Design Phase is the most important part of the entire process. This is where we map out system components and work flow processes to ensure your objectives will be met.

We will present designs that include printed mockups of the entry screens, printouts, and workflow activity for your system. Instead of imagining how your project will look, your entire team will be provided with a “sneak-preview” of the major system components up front. This process will give everyone a chance to make modifications and enhancements before the Development Phase begins, which reduces the chance of incurring costly change orders that might otherwise appear down the road.


The Development Phase is where your vision starts to take shape as a working solution. Traditionally, this is the phase where most of the time and expense was concentrated. At P2 Automation, we’re able to combine a solid design coupled with years of experience and sound, repeatable development processes into a fully customized, virtually bug-free software solution without breaking the bank.


Once the initial development is complete, and your team has worked with the system within a testing environment, the process of implementation can begin. Our team will work closely with your internal and external resources to install and configure your entire system, from the on-premise or Cloud-based server environment, down to your PCs, laptops, tablets, and PDAs.

Maintenance and Support

As your business grows, your requirements will change to accommodate that growth. Technology, including operating systems, new software releases, and improvements in hardware devices will also evolve. We work with you to ensure your system can adapt to these changes so your team can continue to work with the high-quality business process tools they need for an efficient and productive workplace.

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